Skilifts and snowguns

We design, construct and equip the ski and tourist complexes.

Branch of activities

Construction of ropeways:

  • development of master plans and slopes location;
  • geodetic explorations;
  • the design work;
  • manufacture and supply of steel structures and equipment;
  • construction, installation and commissioning;
  • reconstruction and repair of operating Ropeways;
  • training operating personnel.


Development of concepts and master plans for ski-resorts and tourist complexes:

  • choosing the most suitable site for a mountain ski-resort;
  • creation of topographic site plans;
  • technical assessment and definition of capacity;
  • analysis and study of variants of placing the resort facilities;
  • master plan for the phased development;
  • calculation of throughput capability according to the development plan;
  • the architectural concept of building with outline offers on architectural styles with high-rise bindings of buildings;
  • working out of a lay-out of buildings for the basic service functions of a ski area;
  • equipment selection (for ski lifts, snowgrooming vehicles, snowmaking systems, sound, lighting, access control system and system security slopes);
  • calculations on personnel requirements;
  • calculation of loads on the external network;
  • preliminary financial calculation of construction costs;
  • development of financial model of a ski resort;
  • the marketing research and development of strategy for promotion of ski-resort in the market;
  • development of advertising and presentation materials (3D presentation videos, layout, logos, brochures options).

Snowgrooming vehicles

Snowmaking systems:

  • development of master plans;
  • development of complete set of project documentation;
  • delivery of all equipment (new or overhauled the previous manufacturer);
  • construction, installation and commissioning;
  • training of operating personnel;
  • warranty and after-sales services;
  • delivery of snow inducer Snomax.


Supply special equipment used in mining and tourist complexes:

  • boarding conveyors for Ropeways;
  • payment-check systems;
  • lighting, decorative illumination of ropeways and ski centers;
  • equipment for winter and summer children's recreational parks;
  • equipment of ski rental;
  • screen-bars;
  • equipment of ski runs safety equipment;
  • sports equipment for winter and summer holidays.


Snowgrooming vehicles, new and used equipment

Our brands

Company SKADO represents in Russia and CIS brands of world known manufacturers:

  • Doppelmayr (Austria) – the world's largest manufacturer of ropeways.
  • Kässbohrer Geländerfahrzeug AG (Germany) – manufacturer of snowgrooming vehicles known worldwide under the brand name PistenBully.
  • SMI Snow Makers (United States) - the largest manufacturer of equipment for snowmaking ski centers.

Ropeway in London

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